Dr. Faith Brennan PhD

Faith Brennan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Principal Investigator, Neurotrauma Laboratory 
Dept. of Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Queen’s University
Kingston (ON), Canada

Dr. Brennan received a PhD in 2015 from the University of Queensland, Australia, where she explored how the innate immune complement system shapes recovery from spinal cord injury. In 2016, she became a post-doctoral fellow at The Ohio State University, with fellowships from the Craig H. Neilsen foundation and the Wings for Life Spinal Research Foundation. In October 2022, Dr. Brennan joined the faculty of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s University in October 2022, where she leads the Neurotrauma research group. The Brennan lab investigates how microglia can be harnessed experimentally to improve recovery from traumatic spinal cord injury and potentially other complex neuroimmune disorders.